Be His Slave

Are you a slave to the past?
“No matter how deep the stain of your sin, I can remove it. I can make you as clean as freshly fallen snow.” Isa. 1:18 “And you are my servant. You have been CHOSEN to KNOW Me, BELIEVE in Me and UNDERSTAND that I alone am God…I, yes, I alone-am The One who blots out your sins for my own sake and will never think of them again.”Isa.43:10-11. “Pay attention…for you are my servant. I, The Lord made you, and I will not forget to help you. I have swept away your sins like the morning mist…Oh return to me, for I have paid the price to set you free.” Isa. 44:21-22 “Listen to me…I created you and have cared for you since before you were born. I will be your God throughout your lifetime-until your hair is white with age. I made you and I will carry you along and save you.” Isa. 46:3-4 He made you for Himself. God does NOT continually punish for past sins! He paid for them and punished all if them on the CROSS. Be a slave to Him. I’m praying for you.


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