Is your life awash in fear.

I talk to God always. It’s as if He’s my friend, Dad and my God. Mostly we talk of simple things that should not cause worry. But this week I have been “awash in fear”. They r trying to take my granddaughters away. The God showed me Gideon. My heart was filled with the fact that he had been given the Holy Spirit. Only our savior can push out all the fear and fill u with Jesus

Heart’s Hear! Psalms 27:8a “My heart has heard…” God speaks to our hearts. What does God say? Ps. 27:8a “Come and talk with Me”. God asks us to come and talk. No condemnation. No requirement. Just talk! What does YOUR heart say? Ps. 27:8b “And my heart responds ‘Lord, I’m coming!!” Ps. 26:3 “For I am constantly aware of your unfailing love” Ps. 31:7 “I am overcome with joy because of your unfailing love.” Ps. 33:22 “Let your unfailing love surround us Lord for our hope is in you alone.”. The voice of the Lord, Ps. 29, “echoes above the sea, is full of power, splits the cedars, strikes with lightening bolts, shakes the desert and strips the forest bear. ” But God speaks to our hearts and our hearts hear Him. LORD, I’M COMING!!!


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