God promises.

God wants us to KNOW 2 things. #1-1John 5:13″ I write this TO YOU WHO BELIEVE in the Son of God, so that you may KNOW you have eternal life.” #2- vs. 14-15″ And we can be CONFIDENT that HE WILL LISTEN TO US whenever we ask Him for anything in line with His will. And if we KNOW He is listening when we make our requests, we can BE SURE that He WILL give us what we ask for!”. Meet a poor, young girl from the slums who believes this. She believes 7 things. #1-God sees her-“for He took notice” #2-God gives her everything-“He has done great things for me” #3-Gods mercy is for all-“His mercy goes on” #4-God controls the politics of the world “He takes princes from their throne” # 5-God gives to her-“He satisfied the hungry…helped His servant” #6-God keeps all His promises -“He has not forgotten His promise” #7-God will keep her family -“He promised our ancestors…and his children to be merciful to them forever”. About this girl it is said-Luke 1:45 “You are blessed, because you believed that the Lord would do what He said!!”. This girl was Mary, mother of Jesus. In this Christmas season God wants us to KNOW we are His Kids and KNOW He WILL answer our prayers. All Mary did was believe. I pray we can believe all the time too.


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