Jesus calls you by name

Me? Isaiah 43:1″The Lord who created you says: Do not be afraid for I have ransomed you. I have called you by name; You Are Mine!” (NLT) 1 Thessalonians 1:2-5 “God not only loves you very much but also has put His hand on you for something special…The Holy Spirit put steel on your convictions.”(The Message). God tells us to work, labor, and endure. How? 1 Thes. 1:2 it is “the work of faith, the labor of love and the endurance of hope in following our Master, Jesus Christ.” Faith produces work. Love eases the labor. We endure all things because Christ is our SURE HOPE. Isaiah 43:10″ But you are my witnesses…And you are my servant. Your have been chosen to know me, believe me, and understand that I alone am God. ” Isa. 45:3 “I am the Lord the one who calls you by name.” Isa. 41:16″ And the joy of the Lord will fill you to overflowing.” Worship the Lord. He called you by name.


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