Looking at life through Gracefilled eyes

What is heavens name does Gracefilled eyes mean? I see encouragement and joy and love when I look at people and the needs they have. I see a world of people around me that are so sad. I want to see them smile when smiling isnt’ the first thought in their brain. I want to show Jesus. Not religion. But a Savior that loves no matter who or what . He has shown me that I can fail, and lose heart and really screw up and He is always there. His unfailing love doesn’t depend on me. So being old gives me the chance to look back and see His grace on my life when I deserved it the least. I wish everyone knew that nothing can be done to make God care for you or love you—-He already does!!!!!

Next post is an example of a man named John who knew what it is like to be loved


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